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Expansion Opportunities

Partner with Ben Kinney

Explore the opportunity to open an expansion location with the Ben Kinney Team - one of the top producing expansion teams in all of Keller Williams, with over 2,000 units closed in 2017. Could it be your city? Will you be the next expansion partner announced to the real estate industry?

We don’t partner with just anyone. In fact, 99 out of 100 people do not qualify or cannot commit. We have never shut down an expansion location because our selection process is thorough, detailed, and intensive. Read below to see if you have what it takes.

We are seeking individuals who are:

Hard Workers

We don’t hire people who are looking to retire or get out of the business. You will work so much harder and smarter than you ever have. At the same time, you may find more personal and professional growth in one year than you may have had in your entire career.

Results Oriented

Systems make the ordinary extraordinary. We grow through the implementation and execution of the proven models and systems created by Ben Kinney and his partners. Are you willing to stop being creative and start being purposeful?


The lack of accounting means the lack of accountability. We only hire the most accountable people in the industry. Are you ready to be accountable - not to a boss, but to the results, your team and your partners?


We succeed through others. You will have to be able to recruit leaders, lead leaders, and strive to become the best leader possible. Leaders take 100% responsibility for all failures while normally giving the accolades of success to others.

Team Oriented

We work as a team. One company and one position is all that we have. You must be willing to be the janitor and the CEO. Are you willing to do any job - big or small? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to deliver on our Mission and Vision?


If you and your agents are successful in following our model and committing to our Mission, Vision and Values, you will become number one in your market, state, and country while becoming a millionaire. At the same time, you’ll humbly give millions to the causes you care about most. Are you ok not bragging, so your success is only shared through your results and your treatment of others?

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